AVLYST!! HÅPER Å FÅ DET TIL I 2021! Kurs i looping teknikker i lindebast med Tim Johnson

Lime bast Looping with Tim Johnson

3 day course , 3rd– 5th July 2020

String making and looping have been used for over 20,000 years to make a wide variety of bags, baskets, traps and garments around the world. In this workshop you will explore these ancient technologies working with locally sourced lime bast fibres. Over the three day course you will learn how to identify, harvest and process natural fibres, use a variety of string making techniques to make useful cordage and create looped bags and baskets inspired by global traditions. 

On day 1 you will learn about harvesting and processing natural fibres focussing on locally grown lime trees. Tim will teach and demonstrate a variety of string making methods from around the world using our hands, legs, teeth and the occasional special tool! Beyond this course your one, two and three ply cordage may be used in a variety of textile and basketry techniques including looping, twining, ply-splitting, knotting and netting. 

Day 2 will introduce a variety of traditional looping techniques. You will make a bag or basket of your own design with your own two ply hand made lime bast string and with a choice of different borders, straps and handles. 

On day 3 you will learn more complex structures with multiple looping elements inspired by north African camel muzzles and north Scandinavian fish baskets. 

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to go on and make a variety of bags and baskets of your own design with a variety of plant materials that you might find in your own home surroundings. 

Tim will bring along part of his collection of flexible basketry including examples from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Mexico and Cambodia. Handling these original artefacts will encourage both the close analysis of structure and further experimentation with material and structure combinations. Reference will also be made to contemporary artists and basketmakers that have since the 1960s extended the creative scope and application of flexible structures. 

Tools: Tim will provide a variety of threading tools and needles however bring along some of the following if you have them:

  • Pocket knife
  • Scissors / Fine clippers
  • Water spray
  • Towel or cloth to keep work dampened
  • Outdoor footwear

This course is suitable for both beginners and those with some experience.

Tim will teach this course in English.

Kurset blir holdt på Fykse, og koster 2900,- inkludert materiale.
Det blir servert kaffe/te og snacks – men deltakere må ta med niste selv. Vi starter kl. 10 på fredag og bestemmer i fellesskap hvor lenge vi holder på om dagene. Vi runder av seinest 17 søndag 5 juli.
Påmelding innen 1. mai til post@alvastien.no

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